Arun is an award-winning engineer who brings over 15 years’ experience in leading the design and development of transformational technology within the medical, consumer, and military sectors

BELGIUM – Ghent, 15 May 2023 – Indigo Diabetes N.V. (‘Indigo’ or the ‘Company’), a pioneering developer of a Continuous Metabolite Monitoring (CMM™) device for people living with chronic diseases, today announces the appointment of Dr. Arun Venkatasubramanian as Chief Technology Officer.


Arun will oversee the technical development of Indigo’s CMM device and be responsible for managing and driving value from the technology within the Company. He will be based in the US and will report directly to Peter Devlin, President, Indigo Medical US Inc.


Arun is an award-winning engineer who brings over 15 years’ experience in leading the design and development of transformational technology within the medical, consumer, and military sectors. He has spent most of his career at Cambridge Consultants in various leadership positions across the US and Asia. Most recently, as the Global Head of the Smart Implant’s team, Arun created a brand-new capability within Cambridge Consultants and helped build a healthy decentralized innovation culture with a shared vision and purpose. His most notable contribution was leading the development of the world’s first FDA approved implantable wireless neurostimulator that communicates direct-to-phone using Bluetooth Low Energy. These stimulators have been implanted in over one million patients worldwide and are used for the treatment of chronic lower limb pain and Parkinson’s disease.


Arun holds a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, US. He has been named inventor on 11 unique patent families and has over 25 peer reviewed publications.  


Dr. Arun Venkatasubramanian, Chief Technology Officer of Indigo Diabetes, commented: “It is truly an exciting time to be joining Indigo, as they continue to progress their CMM device, initially for patients living with diabetes and then expanding into other chronic diseases. By harnessing the power of real-time metabolite tracking, we have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach healthcare, and I am excited to be at the forefront of this transformation and the future growth of the Company.”


Peter Devlin, President, Indigo Medical US Inc., added: “We are thrilled to welcome our new Chief Technology Officer to the team, as we continue to push the boundaries of continuous metabolite monitoring. With Arun’s expertise and leadership, we will continue to develop our CMM technology, to ensure the best possible user experience. With Arun’s help, we are confident that we will remain at the forefront of innovation and deliver life-changing solutions to our customers.”


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About Indigo Diabetes N.V.

Indigo Diabetes N.V. (Indigo) is a pioneering developer of medical devices for people living with chronic diseases. Using its proprietary nanophotonics technology the Company is developing the world’s first subcutaneously implanted Continuous Multi-metabolite Monitoring (CMM™) sensor. This is designed to provide people living with chronic diseases access to information on their metabolite levels at any time, without the need to wear an external device on their body.


Indigo is initially focused on diabetes to address the need for continuous and accurate glucose, ketone, and lactate monitoring. There are many other potential uses for Indigo’s CMM sensor including chronic kidney disease (CKD), oncology, and cardiovascular disease with the aim to transform chronic disease management and enhance the quality of life of those impacted.


Indigo was founded by Danaë Delbeke and her team and is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, and also has employees based in the US. Find out more about us at


About Indigo’s CMM™ sensor

Indigo’s Continuous Multi-metabolite Monitoring (CMM™) sensor is the world’s first, subcutaneously implanted sensor to measure multiple metabolites simultaneously and continuously. The inert, miniature integrated silicon photonics chip measures the absorption of light in interstitial body fluid to quantify the concentration of a broad range of metabolites simultaneously without the use of enzymes or fluorophores. Once implanted under the skin, the CMM sensor is inconspicuous and is designed to connect securely and wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth to share the concentration profiles of the user’s metabolites with their caregivers and family members. A rechargeable sensor battery powers the measurements. It is expected that the sensor will be replaced annually with the potential to extend this to two years in the future. First-in-human studies have successfully demonstrated proof of concept with promising accuracy.

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