Revolutionizing the management of chronic disease


We’re developing the world’s first continuous multi-metabolite monitoring (CMM®) system for people living with chronic diseases.

Chronic Disease Management

1 in 3 people worldwide suffer from chronic conditions, leading to approximately 41 million deaths per year.


Our integrated sensor is based on proven silicon photonics technologies, allowing us to miniaturize established spectroscopic analysis techniques into a small implantable device.

Lighting up the lives of people living with chronic disease

 Chronic disease is the defining health crisis of our time and is predicted to rise at a growth rate of 100% by 2050. For those affected by a chronic disease, their medical needs remain unmet with sufferers reporting high levels of pain, discomfort, and an unnecessarily poor quality of life.

Indigo is developing a single sensor that is designed to measure a large number of metabolites. The small CMM® sensor is implanted just under the skin and continuously measures metabolites in the body delivering best-in-class data to aid the management of chronic diseases.

The Indigo receiver displays trends, values, and warnings in real-time on the user’s smartphone or any other connected device via the Indigo app. Users will be able to share their data with others, and for further analysis.

The inconspicuous Indigo CMM® sensor is being developed initially for diabetes management through continuous glucose, ketone, and lactate monitoring. Beyond diabetes, the CMM® has broad applicability due to the wide spectrum of metabolites it can monitor. Further opportunities include the management of chronic kidney disease as well as oncology, cardiovascular disease and athletic performance.

Join Our Growing Team

Indigo offers a unique opportunity to develop your talent in a dynamic and fast-growing company by building our next-generation CMM® system.

As part of Indigo’s international team of experts, you will contribute to bringing Indigo’s cutting-edge solution to the market and to improving the lives of people with chronic diseases. 

Latest News And Events

Indigo’s closure of SHINE Clinical Trial

Indigo’s closure of SHINE Clinical Trial

Indigo closed its SHINE clinical trial, marking a significant milestone in the development of innovative healthcare technology. The trial, designed to evaluate the longer-term stability of Indigo’s continuous multi-metabolite (‘CMM’) device, has concluded its phase...

Danaë Delbeke

“We are proud to pioneer groundbreaking technology that will have a positive impact on the life of millions of people living with chronic diseases.”


Danaë Delbeke

CEO and Founder

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