We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Malecha as VP Digital

  • Will lead the development of software digital strategies, ensuring compliant and secure data management for Indigo’s continuous metabolite monitoring device
  • Brings over 15 years’ experience leading the technical and software development of medical devices
BELGIUM – Ghent, 1 September 2022 – Indigo Diabetes N.V. (‘Indigo’ or the ‘Company’), a pioneering developer of medical solutions using nanophotonics, today announces the appointment of Mike Malecha as VP Digital.

In his new role, Mike will lead the software team to develop digital strategies for Indigo’s continuous metabolite monitoring (CMM) device. Unlike other CMM devices, Indigo’s CMM is not worn on the skin but inserted subcutaneously and is designed to be inconspicuous and to enable people living with diabetes to monitor key metabolite levels in real-time on a smartphone app.

Monitoring key metabolite levels should enable people with diabetes to avoid damaging metabolite fluctuations which, in turn, should help them avoid short- and long-term health consequences and reduce the associated costs for healthcare systems.

Mike Malecha, VP Digital at Indigo Diabetes, commented: “I am excited to be joining the team and leading the development of compliant, secure data and software development strategies for Indigo’s inconspicuous CMM sensor.”

Dr Danaë Delbeke, Chief Executive Officer, Inventor and Co-founder of Indigo Diabetes, added: “I look forward to working with Mike. He has impressive experience and joins at a pivotal time for us. Mike will play an important role in developing our digital strategy to leverage the potential of our unique hardware and technology into a high-quality user experience.”

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