Indigo Diabetes nv. has completed the Hephaestus Research Project.


In September 2021, Indigo received a €3 million Hephaestus grant from VLAIO, the Flanders organisation for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, to conduct research into the high-volume production of its next-generation continuous multi-metabolite (CMM) technology.


The VLAIO Hephaestus grant was used to support the ongoing development of Indigo’s CMM sensor, designed to give people living with chronic diseases continuous access to information on their metabolite levels, without having to wear an external device on their body.

Specifically, Indigo used the grant to validate its next generation CMM sensor for people living with diabetes in preparation for a large-scale clinical pivotal study in the future.


Key highlights from this research project included testing the sensor to ensure its safe housing when inserted, conducting in-vivo testing to check the reliable collection of key metabolite concentrations, creating a reproduceable manufacturing process, building and implanting prototype sensors, and developing an MDR (Medical Device Regulation) compliant framework.

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