Indigo closed its SHINE clinical trial, marking a significant milestone in the development of innovative healthcare technology. The trial, designed to evaluate the longer-term stability of Indigo’s continuous multi-metabolite (‘CMM’) device, has concluded its phase with promising insights into the future of diabetes management.

 Indigo’s subcutaneously inserted CMM device is a pioneering advancement aimed at revolutionizing the continuous measurement of glucose, ketone, and lactate levels in individuals living with diabetes. The SHINE clinical trial was pivotal in assessing the safety and performance of this cutting-edge technology, showcasing its potential to enhance patient care and quality of life.

 With the closure of the trial, Indigo is poised to analyze the wealth of data collected and advance towards the next stages of development. This significant step underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and its mission to address the unmet needs of people with diabetes worldwide.

 Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of Indigo’s CMM device as it continues its journey towards regulatory approval and eventual market availability, promising a brighter future for diabetes management.



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