BELGIUM – Ghent, September 7, 2021 – Indigo Diabetes N.V. (‘Indigo’ or the ‘Company’), a pioneering developer of medical solutions using nanophotonics, is pleased to announce that it has received a €3 million grant from VLAIO, the Flanders organisation for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, to conduct research into high volume production of its next-generation continuous multi-metabolite (CMM) technology.

The VLAIO Hephaestus grant will be used to support the ongoing development of Indigo’s CMM sensor, designed to give people living with diabetes continuous access to information on their glucose and other metabolite levels, without requiring them to wear an external device. Specifically, Indigo will use the grant to validate its next generation Continuous Glucose Monitoring (‘CGM’) system in a large-scale clinical pivotal study ENLIGHT.

Dr Danaë Delbeke, CEO, Inventor and co-founder of Indigo Diabetes, commented: “We are exceptionally thankful for VLAIO’s support since the conception of our CMM technology which has been instrumental in our research and development trajectory. With Hephaestus, VLAIO will help us to resolve the remaining roadblocks to market access. Our CMM sensor technology could revolutionize the experience of people dependent on constant monitoring regimes to stay healthy. We look forward to updating the diabetes community on our progress in due course.”

Indigo’s CMM sensor is inserted subcutaneously, making it invisible to the naked eye and preventing the need for people with diabetes to wear an external device on their body or to conduct multiple pin prick tests throughout the day. Once inserted under the skin, the CMM sensor is expected to last for up to two years and will connect securely and wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth to share the concentration profiles of the user’s metabolites with their caregivers and family members. Indigo uses commercial capex-light and scalable CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) technology which should enable highly attractive and competitive pricing for a sensor with unmatched performance.

Indigo completed a Series B raise of €38m in July 2020 led by Fund+, with the participation of Ackermans & van Haaren, imec.xpand, Capricorn Digital Growth Fund, QBICII, Titan Baratto and the Series A investors.

About Indigo Diabetes N.V.

Indigo Diabetes N.V. (Indigo) is a pioneering developer of medical solutions utilizing nanophotonics. Indigo was founded by Danaë Delbeke and her team in 2016. Today Indigo is developing the world’s first invisible sensor for people living with diabetes to address their need for continuous accurate glucose and ketone monitoring with an improved user experience. Indigo exploits groundbreaking photonics technology responsible for revolutionizing the Internet to transform diabetes management.Indigo is based in Ghent, Belgium. Find out more at

About Indigo Diabetes’s CMM sensor

Indigo Diabetes’s CMM sensor is a small spectrometer-on a-chip to monitor in-vivo simultaneously and continuously multiple metabolites. The inert, miniature integrated silicon photonics spectrometer chip measures the absorption of light in the interstitial fluid to quantify the concentration of multiple metabolites simultaneously without the use of enzymes or fluorophores. Once inserted under the skin the CMM sensor is invisible to the naked eye and will connect securely and wirelessly to mobile devices to show and capture the concentration profiles of the metabolites for the user. A rechargeable sensor battery powers the measurements. It is expected that the sensor will have a lifetime up to 2 years. Preclinical studies have successfully demonstrated proof of concept with promising accuracy.


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